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30 slang expressions in New Zealand

30.06.2018 Duckie_on_the_way

The official language of New Zealand is English, but even a native English speaker can be taken by surprise by the locals‘ language which is sometimes a bit different. So you might need a couple of weeks getting used to it. For a simple start, we have 30 popular slang expressions for you to learn. Many expressions are shared by Australia.

All good - everything is all right
"I forgot to come today" - "That's all good, mate."

arvo – afternoon
"Let's meet this arvo."

bach – hut
"We have a bach in mountains."

banger and mash - sausage with mashed potatoes
"What's for lunch"? - "Bangers and mash."

barbie - barbeque
"There's barbie going on at my place."

bloke – man,guy

"Did you see the bloke over there?"

bring a plate -  bring some food to share
"There's barbie in my house tonight, so come over and bring the plate."

bro – buddy, mate, friend
"Hey bro, how‘s it going?"

can‘t be bothered - I don’t want to
"I can´t be bothered doing the shopping today."

good on ya, mate – good for you, friend
"I just got pay rise," - "Good on ya, mate!"

heaps - lots of, many
"We have heaps of time."

chilli bin - cooler, portable cooler
"Bring the chilli bin over to the beach, mate."

chips – fried chips
"Let's have fish  n‘  chips."

choice -  the expression of pleasure, thanks
"I got you a beer." - "Choise bro!"

chur – thanks
"Chur bro."

jandals – flip-flops
"You can´t wear jandals here."

kiwi - New Zealand Inhabitant / flightless bird species
"There were some tourists, but mostly kiwis."

L&P -  popular NZ lemonade
"Let's grab some L&P."

loo –  toilet
"I need to use a loo."

macca´s - McDonald´s 
"Let's get a macca's."

mate –  Budy, friend
"Cool mate."

mint – super
"I´ve got new job." - "Mate, it's mint!"

not even - no way
"Could you lend me some money?" - "Not even, mate."

a piece of piss - (piece of cake) easy to do
"Did you pass the exam?" - "Sure, it was a piece of piss."

pissed - drunk
"I was so pissed last night."

reckon - I think that,…
"Are we going to ski tomorrow?" - "Yeah, I reckon the weather will be great." 

sweet as - super!
"Our team won the match." - "Sweet as, mate."

taking the piss -  Are you kidding me?
"Can you work overtime today?" - "Are you taking the piss?"

togs – swimming trunks
"Let's go to the beach, get your togs bro."

yeah nah bro - určitě jo kámo sure my friend
"Are you coming today?" "Yeah nah bro."


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