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If you plan to apply for a job in New Zealand, a good idea is making a CV to increase your chances of success. It will be useful for you at every opportunity whether you apply for the job by email or in person.

Your CV should contain

  • Name and surname
  • Age/date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Photo - Choose a decent, sympathetic photo without sunglasses or a cap. Choose the picture which matches the job you are applying for.
  • Contact - New Zealand phone number and email are necessary. If you do not have a permanent address, do not mention one or only mention the region or city you are in.
  • Previous work experience - If you are creating a general curriculum vitae, choose the ones you think will be most helpful when asking for a future job. If you are creating a CV specifically for a particular position, which is recommended but time-consuming, mention just the experiences that are directly related to the field you are interested in. So, if you are applying for a receptionist position no one will be interested in your farming experience etc. Your language skills should be emphasized.
  • Strengths - Here you can include your character traits (leadership, responsible, reliable, hard-working) or other experiences, knowledge or licenses (driving license, languages, PC work).


In addition, you can include a short introduction to your CV, mentioning past working experience in NZ (if you already have some experience) or the school you studied at.

But keep in mind that the employer's goal is to choose the most suitable candidate and not waste too much time searching. Candidate selection does not make money for them, so it is quite understandable that he does not have the time to read several pages of each CV. So be concise and try to say as much as possible in the smallest amount of words. Do not use long sentences and prefer bullet points. Do not forget to keep a clear form, which must be neat at first sight.

Different jobs have different requirements, so it is quite a good idea to create more kinds of CVs so that they are as short as possible and so you can show your potential employer the best one in each case. Another option is having a CV prepared in a format that you can easily rewrite and edit at any time. When responding to an ad, read out what exactly it is that the company is looking for in applicants. Focus on the features and experiences that are mentioned in the text and mention the ones you have in the application. It is also quite important to mention that you have a valid Working Holidays visa and its’ expiration date. By doing that you can avoid further questions on the topic, speed up communications and start working sooner.

If you want to get a job, take enough time preparing. People who offer the job do not know you and your application letter or curriculum vitae is your best chance to present yourself. Therefore be precise. If you are applying for a job personally, do not forget to choose a suitable outfit and a good look to represent yourself. Learn more about how to find a job in our Work article.




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