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When to go

The very first thing you need to think about before you leave is how much time you need to sort out your personal life in order to be ready to go (leave your job, move out of the flat, administrative issues). If you want to travel low cost it is also useful to get informed about flight tickets prices as soon as possible, find the cheapest date, buy the ticket and start planning your trip.


What is the best season to go to New Zealand? Obviously, there is no one correct answer because every part of the year has its’ pros and cons. Let's find out something more about all of them.

  • Spring (September – November)

With better weather and higher temperatures, New Zealand starts coming alive. Travelers start arriving and the new tourist season starts. You can still book tracks just a few days in advance, and everything is very pleasant. More tourists are coming so prices rise slightly, and there are plenty of job offers in hospitality and agriculture. It is just a beautiful part of the year.​​

  • Summer (December – February)

This is the peak of the season. Summer is the main tourist season which means you have to do more planning and book everything you want to do in advance. Even some campgrounds and especially popular hiking tracks and huts on their way are often fully booked many weeks in advance. There are a lot of people all around. Everything is more expensive and less available. It is the worst time to buy a car but the best to sell. It’s more crowded and there are less quiet places to relax but it is much easier to find a job almost everywhere.

  • Autumn (March - May)

This part of the year is the best for traveling. There aren’t that many tourists around because a lot of them leave the country before winter. All the backpackers leaving after summer sell their campervans which cause higher supply than the demand is and reduces the prices of cars. Tourists activities are also cheaper and everywhere is less crowded in general which gives you more space for yourself to enjoy New Zealand in full. The downside of the traveling in autumn is that the weather is still nice but starts to get colder and there is also fewer job offers especially in hospitality because hotels and restaurants don’t need that many people when there are fewer tourists around. 

  • Winter (June - August)

This part of the season is ideal for all winter lovers especially for skiing and snowboard instructors who would love to work in the mountains. The job offers in hospitality increase but there is less to do in agriculture. You can still find some at packhouses or try to work freezing outside. The roads are more dangerous during winter because they may be wet, muddy or snowy. So be careful and whenever you are, don’t forget to have snow chains ready to use in the car with you because the weather can change quickly. The same goes for hiking track and campgrounds. Some of them are closed for the season for safety reasons. If you like to travel away from overcrowded places then winter can be a good choice for you. You can also see a different side of nature and see beautiful views of snow-covered mountains. Although there are lower average temperatures there are places with less rain during the winter and even sunny days are not an exception.

Every one of us has different plans and visions so there is obviously not one correct answer to this question. The main thing you need to determine is the reason you’re traveling and what exactly you want to do and see. Do you want to see general tourist attractions and locations or do you want to explore the country and see every corner of the land? Do you want to make some money during your journey? Is your priority to travel or do you want to split the visit between working and traveling? Find out what your priorities are. Think about how much time you can spend abroad, if you have some responsibilities back in your country or if you can spend a long time away. 

If you are not pressed by the time why don’t you stay the whole year or extend your visa for another 3 months to stay as long as possible? If you do this you can experience New Zealand in all of its‘ seasons so you can notice how nature changes during the year. If you like winter sports then it is a good opportunity to spend winter on North Island around Queenstown which offers the inexhaustible quantity of winter fun and adrenaline-fuelled activities as well as seasonal work. You can work for example as a snowboard or ski instructor or work in restaurants and bars. If you like sunny weather more than snow then you will have the opportunity to explore tropical islands and the Asian continent during New Zealand‘s winter because you can enter and leave the country with a Working Holiday visa as many times as you want during the given year.

You will not get bored here. As the shortest recommended travel time, when you can discover enough of the beauty of both islands, we recommend at least 3 weeks, ideally a month. If you want to explore the islands in more detail, give it at least a month and a half to three months of your vacation time. During this time you can visit not just the most popular places but you can also find many hideouts and walk some Great Walks. But, if you want to get to know the country really well, believe that even a year will be too little to explore everything. But most of you are also planning on working in Zealand. Depending on the pride of your wallets, think about how much time you want to spend on your work. Everything, of course, depends on your skills and the employment you find.

With Working Holiday Visa you just got a unique opportunity which many other travelers are waiting for. Something you can do just once in your life. You have a chance to enjoy your youth on the way, get new working experience, meet new people and get to know new culture far away from your home on the other side of the planet. Don’t be afraid to grab your ticket to freedom and spend every single moment by doing something special and new to remember this experience for the rest of your life.

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