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07.03.2018 Kateřina Reehová New Zealand

As you already know, New Zealand is made up by two main islands located in the Pacific Ocean far away from other countries. The nearest country is Australia which is 2000 km away. There is nothing else instead of Antarctica to the south. And this is exactly the reason why local nature is that unique.

Firstly, 90% of plants you see there are of endemic origin which meaning that you cannot find them anywhere else in the world. Special national parks called biobanks and protected areas cover more than 20% of the country.

The national parks of New Zealand are such beautiful places where every bush or tree has its’ own magic and sometimes you feel like the beauty of the place is out of this world.

One of the national symbols of New Zealand is the Silver fern which proudly decorates the jerseys of the All Blacks rugby team. Forget what you know about forests from Europe. Thanks to the good climate and thinner ozone layer plants here are greener and ferns grow much higher. The biggest ones grow up to 15 meters. So trust us, most of the time when you see an amazing picture from New Zealand It’s not caused by a filter or PhotoShop, It is just real beauty.

Kauri tree

If you want to get to the real wild nature and animals of New Zealand we can’t but recommend you visit South Island where you can sometimes feel like you’re walking in the middle of Jurassic Park. There Is also a lot of beauty at the North Island too. You can see huge ancient Kauri trees which are worshiped by Maori and are definitely kings of the local trees.


In contrast to protected areas, unprotected parts of nature are often very cultivated. Deforestation started since the Maori came to settle in New Zealand and the British settlers had just established. Some of these practices have been kept up by the kiwis until today. They use chemical diversion, bury their garbage and so on. It is slightly funny that plants which we proudly grow in gardens in Europe are considered weeds there. On the other hand, you may find a common birch in some parks as an exhibition tree.

Forestry often has a very different character. In heavy, steep terrain, pines are sown in rows and precise spacing so in the future big machines can get through them. The trees are planted at once, left to grow for 25 years, and then they are harvested.

As with fauna, flora also has problems with invasive plants coming by wind from another country far away across the ocean. The pine tree is an example of such a plant.

Their style of planting trees for logging doesn’t change anything at the fact that Kiwis realize what rare nature they have around them and try to keep it alive as much as possible. They care for it scientifically and precisely. It doesn’t matter where you go, you will love every step on your way across their unusual nature and you will keep it forever in your mind as an unforgettable memory.



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