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New Zealand is not the cheapest country so every dollar counts, especially if you are a backpacker traveling on a budget. First of all, the amount of money spent depends on the luxury and comfort you indulge/skip out on, especially in when it comes to accommodation and meals. In addition, you can save on other necessary expenses, activities or tourist attractions that you simply do not want to miss.

In large stores, discounts often cycle in and out of season and they usually do not only have a price tag with the original price crossed but also display the discount. But most of the time the things you buy here aren’t going to be ones you immediately need but ones you will need some time in the future, so it comes down to how good of a planner you are. So where else you can really save?


  • Discount websites

The most used discount server is, where you can book tourist activities with a significant discount. The sooner you catch the opening of the discount, the lower the price is. As the booking calendar progresses, the price increases up to the original price. So make sure to compare the price to the original, it won’t always have a discount. Other functional servers are,

  • Discount coupons

You can find discount coupons in magazines, newspapers or in the form of mobile apps. Keep your eyes open, read and keep what might be useful. For example, please visit

  • Discuss the price

Don’t be shy and ask the shop assistants for a discount. You can get a 10% discount straight away in a lot of shops. If you don‘t try you will never know.



  • Foods that expire soon

Most stores significantly reduce products when nearing the expiration date. You can save up to 90% of the price.

  • Happy hours

Most restaurants and bars in Zealand have their Happy Hours. This is a time period (usually an hour or two) when special/cheaper prices are applied. For example, beer for 3.50 instead of 7 dollars etc. Food is often also available. It’s worth visiting a happy hour for a beer and something to eat.

  • Water

If the water at your location is drinkable, no need to buy bottled. In the CamperMate and WikiCamps NZ travel applications, you can filter out the places with freely accessible tap water on the map where you can refill your bottles.

  • Takeaway discounts

Some restaurants, especially Sushi, sell food before closing time with a significant discount, which is advantageous for both sides and unnecessary food is not thrown away.


  • AA discount card

When you set up an insurance at AA, you will get discount card that you can use to refuel your car with a significant discount. Now, this card also works for grocery shopping at Count Down, where you can get customized discounts on labeled products.

  • Fly Buys

You can collect points on this card in different stores, but also by paying for electricity etc. It will not bring you any big discounts in one year, it costs nothing, so if you count every dollar, it is a good deal.

  • New World Club Card

The New World food store customer card brings you discounts on labeled goods. You can get it free of charge at any branch office. If you want to use the plastic version, you will have to fill in the form and the card will be sent to you by post to the address. Because many of you will have no address when traveling, you can only choose the paper version that will be given to you immediately and you do not have to fill anything.

  • ISIC

If you are a happy ISIC card holder, find out where you can get discounts for it.



  • Salvation Army, bazaars

Save as much as possible by buying used products. Yuu can visit the network of shops called "Family store" or "Waste busters" in Wanaka. That's the paradise of unwanted things. You can find everything from clothes, clothing, sports equipment to dishes and carnival masks there.

  • Local Facebook groups

If you are going to settle in a city for a longer time, check out local facebook sales groups. It's like a bazaar for the local. So you can buy dishes, furniture or maybe even a car. Likewise, you can also sell.



  • Loyalty card discount

Some campsites or backpacker hostels offer discounts when purchasing a loyalty card, for example, BBH.

  • Airbnb Bonus

Website providing private accommodation and possibility to rent the house or room. When you sign up for a site, you get a discount on your first purchase.

  • Accommodation for multiple days

Booking accommodation for a longer period of time often brings a discount. Do not be afraid to ask for a better offer.

  • Last minute accommodation

Take advantage of the offers of an unfilled capacity of motels, hotels or try calling a hotel at the last minute and asking for the cheapest room price.

  • Stay until Monday

Larger hotels or boarding houses offer a discount from Sunday to Monday to encourage tourists to stay a couple more nights at the end of the weekend.

  • House sitting or petsitting

Just as like us, the homeowners of New Zealand travel too. They sometimes want to go somewhere else and may be looking for someone to take care of their house, water the plants, feed the chickens, or walk the dog. The perfect opportunity for you!

However, in order to qualify for housekeeping, you must register and pay the registration fee. Of course, it’s the hardest to get the first job is because you have no reviews and no one knows if he can really rely on you to take care of his house. Try to be flexible and find an offer that will not appeal to a lot of people like the last minute request. So your chances of success are bigger. After your first positive review, you will become more trustworthy and your chances for another house sitting will increase. Try your luck, for example, on kiwihousesitters or trustedhousesitters.

  • Wwoofing

Housing free of charge in exchange for assistance around the house or garden or other help. You can find work, for example, for four hours a day in exchange for an overnight stay or more work for lodging and food, etc. You can search on helpx at work or work away.

  • Camping

Plan your way so you can sleep in the free camps.


  • Free days

Before visiting the selected attraction, check out the website, look for some discounts or information about organized free days when there are free admissions.

  • Ask local people

Local residents will always be one step ahead, do not be afraid to talk to them. People are friendly here. You will improve your English, get to know them and also can get some good tips.

  • Less is sometimes more

You can enjoy the tourist attraction or place you chose, do not rush to see everything in one day. So you save energy, money and lots of stress.

  • Flexible planning

Many attractions, entrances or vehicles have a price that is different depending on the time of day. Be flexible and travel at off-peak times, when tickets are cheaper.

  • Transferwise

If you need to transfer money from your homeland bank account to a New Zealand bank account use the TransferWise service which offers you a quick transfer, an excellent course, and a minimum fee.


  • Buy your own car

If you plan on traveling for longer than one month then it might be better to buy your own car (instead of renting one) and sell it to other tourists after finishing your vacation. You have a chance of selling it at the same price and save money that way. There is, of course, a risk that something can break down. That is a risk you should count with.

  • Moving cars from rentals            

If you need to move a greater distance between some cities, take part in the transfercar site, where car rental offers the possibility of renting their car for example for a dollar per day in exchange for a transferring it to a given destination.

  • Hitchhiking

Its‘ clear advantage is that it's free. The disadvantage, however, is that you have to take all your things with you and you can not have any time-sensitive plans because you never know when you will get there.

  • Carpooling

Share your travel plans on the facebook group and find someone to share the cost with.

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