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I didn't get Working Holiday Visa

25.03.2018 Kateřina Reehová Working Holiday Visa

Every country has different rules and capacities for their citizens to get Working Holiday to New Zealand. It is quite easy for some of them to apply because there are no limits but some have just a small capacity each year which means that is quite hard to get one.

If you are from the second category mentioned then it is time to fight for it and don’t give up after failing once. Sometimes it, unfortunately, happens that someone doesn’t get the visa he chooses. But don’t let your dreams fly away. Keep calm, stay strong and try to find another way to do what you dream of and get where you want.

There are other ways.

What else can you do


Although the quota for Working Holiday Visa has been filled, not all the applicants will meet the process conditions. This is especially important for the first hours or days after applying. It may happen that a rejected request can make space for someone else and you must be the first one waiting in the queue. Do not give up and check the site a few days after closing quotas if there is not possible to apply.



If you are not too old (each country have different age requirements but it is usually 30 years old; for exact information read our Working Holiday Visa article), then you have the chance to try it next year again and plenty of time for preparation. Honestly, there is a possibility that you’ll be unlucky again that is why It is better to not wait for the last minute and leave a few years of reserve. If New Zealand is your dream, sooner or later you will succeed!



Were you ready to travel and do not want to stay at home? Go somewhere else. There are a huge number of beautiful places in the world. Practice your language, learn about the different cultures or find work and get new experiences from abroad. It will spice up your life and next year you can try to apply for a visa again or maybe you will be happy where you are. Who knows. So where are you going to start? What about Australia? It is close 

Only one of the couple got the visa

This is a situation that scares everyone in love. The dream is quickly changing in a nightmare at that moment. But there are still several options for rescuing a relationship:


This is variant which many people definitely immediately get in their minds, but think about it again. One of you has just been given an opportunity which will never come again in his life. If you do not use your visas, they will fail forever. You cannot pass it on to anyone else or ask for them again, they are gone forever! Isn’t it a pity? Unfortunately, you cannot apply for a partnership visa, in this case, so do not count on this option.



Once you have a visa, you have exactly one year to travel to New Zealand and after your first crossing of the New Zealand border another year to stay. So you can wait until your expiration is coming and go then. With the ending of the validity of your visa will come another opportunity to apply again next year. So you can go just a bit sooner than your partner and wait for him/her there. Your partner will then try to apply for a visa again when the applications are being opened and in the case of success, she/he will be able to arrive as soon as she/he wants. If the partner is not successful then he/she can come to travel with you on a tourist visa for a few months. 



The Working Holiday Visa is not the only way to get into the country. The easiest way is to travel to a tourist visa. Then you can try to get a working visa which is easier if you can offer some special skills. It is difficult to get the working visa straight from your country if you haven’t already co-operated with some company which will give you a job offer. Another option is to obtain SSE visas, which are seasonal work visas that allow you to work for Otago employers, vineyards or fruit orchards.


We wish you good luck, wherever your traveler's shoes want to go.



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