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07.03.2018 Kateřina Reehová New Zealand

There currently live less than 4,5 million inhabitants in New Zealand, most of them based on North Island. Especially in Auckland which, with its 1,3 million inhabitants is the largest city in the country. There are more people there than the whole South Island. Other big cities are the capital city Wellington located on the south of North Island and Christchurch on South Island (they both have around 400 000 inhabitants).  

An average of 14 inhabitants per square kilometer ranks the country as one of the least densely populated of the planet.

As we already mentioned in an article about the history, the native population was raised by the Maori who came here from Indonesia somewhere between the 9th and 14th century.

Three-quarters of New Zealander inhabitants are of Europian origin. Maoris make up 15% of the population and the number keeps growing. They live mainly on the east coast of both islands because they like warm and sunny weather. History has forced Maoris to live a rather Europian lifestyle, a fact not everybody has readily accepted. Increased crime across the Maori ethnicity and dependence on the social system are some of the results. If you get to know them closely or participate in some of their traditional events, you will find out that there is a huge variety of interesting cultural and societal ethics with a great appreciation of nature, friendship and even history and art. If you also make friends with them, you can be sure that that friendship is going to be strong for ages. These people will be ready to share their last bite of bread with you and help you whenever you need. Friendship is very personal to them, one in their presence might often step back into our European coldness, caution, and distance. Friendliness and openness are typical for them which is something we should learn from them.

Another major group of immigrants is Asians who make up 10% of the population. They came mostly from China during the gold fever of the 19th century. Just like in Europe they are known for their working ethic so you can usually find them everywhere in the shops from the food shops to the car services.

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