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IRD number

08.03.2018 Kateřina Reehová

Did you come to New Zealand only to travel and enjoy your holidays? Then you do not have to worry about making an IRD number. That changes if you want to work and receive wages there.

An IRD number is the number which represents your person in the labor office and it is used for counting your taxes. So you can’t work without one in NZ. The New Zealand financial office is called the Inland Revenue Department and that’s the place where you get this number.


It is best to take care of it as soon as possible after your arrival. Every potential employer will ask you to show your IRD, and although it is don’t have to have it taken care of for you to start working, doesn’t cost you anything and makes a better impression. You also need it to receive a paycheck.

A pre-requisite for getting an IRD is a bank statement confirming an active bank account or a statement from a bank showing some money transactions. Learn more about how to set up your bank account in the corresponding article.

You can either apply online on the Inland Revenue website or in person at one of their branches and possibly at the NZ Post office using the IR742 form. The online application is the fastest and your registration should arrive within 2 business days.

By registering, you will also receive IRD login information.

Last but not least, an IRD account is used to compare the prepayments with the calculated tax. Most of the time, you will end up with some overpayment so you can be eligible for a tax return, which you can apply for before leaving the country or after the end of the accounting period.



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