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New Zeland has a very specific market for finding a job and it might be quite tricky to find what you are really looking for but on the other side you can find many opportunities and learn something new.

What you need to know before applying

It is good to have all your paperwork ready such as a bank account, IRD number and own some type of valid working visa. During the waiting time when you are running between a post office and bank, you can also prepare your CV. It is not a bad idea to have it ready on your computer to be able to easily edit it if you need to add something when you applying for jobs in different fields. You can find out more about creating a CV in our separated article.

Where and how to search

Your paperwork is ready. What next?

Start with Google or visit some personal agency. If you just arrived in New Zealand and don’t have any contact we recommend you aren’t too picky. Just start somewhere, try something new, meet some people and make some first personal connections which can help you find a better job in the future.

Each employer prefers a different kind of communication. So don’t communicate in just one way. Use your email, phone and don’t be lazy or shy to ask in person directly at the farm or restaurant. As a rule of thumb, farmers prefer personal contact because they don’t have time to read emails or talk on the phone. At jobs in other fields, they will likely have more time to study your CV and choose the best candidates. 

As we said, what’s most important is to start somewhere and to not be afraid to talk to people. Employers prefer people with good references from their friends or other employers so you have a bigger chance to find a good job when you know some people. 


If you don’t have enough money and can’t find any job at the moment you can try wwoofing which is working in exchange for accommodation or food. You will not make any money but you will at least save some. While working for some family or businessman as a woofer, you can keep looking for a regular job.



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