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23.05.2018 VisitKiwiCZ Money

We certainly do not recommend carrying all of your money in cash, that is very risky. Classic international bank transfer takes a long time and will also cost you a lot of money. Not only in fees but especially on the transferring course.

The best solution would be using provided services that take care of international money transfers on favorable terms. The most well-known are CurrencyFair and Transferwise. Both of these companies work on a similar principle - they have local accounts in many countries around the world, and you send and receive money through these local accounts. The company accounts for individual transactions internally so there is no physical transfer of money. This makes transfer quick and cheaper.

Both companies offer very advantageous rates.

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  • Convenient for transferring larger amounts
  • Fixed very small transfer fee
  • Bonus € 30 for the first transfer over 2000USD
  • Sign up here up here



  • We recommend transferring money in the direction of the NZ -> your country
  • Convenient Percentage Fee
  • Sign up here




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