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Personalized NZ tours

We do not organize or sell trips to New Zealand, but on the basis of our many years of experience, we can recommend a top travel agency based in New Zealand providing the best services.

Why choose our partners?

The foundation of a successful and unforgettable holiday in New Zealand is planning. Based on your requirements and after evaluating your options, we can create a customized travel plan.

We plan on the based on our personal experience, we have visited a variety of places all over New Zealand, and have experience with all kinds of activities and accommodation, so we know what’s best. Our team in New Zealand has been preparing these trips since 2001 and is able to create a perfect holiday for different target groups.

There is a wide range of combinations, ranging from building an iterate for your own journey, guided tours for a few days to an all-inclusive trip.

Our tours are limited as far as the number of participants goes, which distinguishes us from traditional travel agencies.

Sightseeing trips

We will do our best for you to see and experience as much of New Zealand as possible. Despite of a clearly planned program, we are able to improvise, especially when the weather conditions do not agree with our plan, and we are able to provide the best alternatives in a pinch. As locals, we will take you to places that are often missing in travel guides, and tell you a lot about the local fauna, flora, culture, or perhaps the economy.

We currently offer these sightseeing tours (up to 10 people):

  • Grand New Zealand - a selection of the best experiences New Zealand has to offer
  • The natural beauty of the Maori country - three weeks of traveling across the two islands offers a great variety of experiences
  • Summer under the Southern Cross- a comfortable trip to South Island

Special tours

Whether you are traveling by yourself, in a group with shared interests and hobbies or as a couple, you can make use of our specialty - theme tours. The whole journey will be based on a chosen theme.

Some of the most popular themes include:

  • Weddings
  • Photo expeditions
  • Cycling
  • Golfing
  • Fishing and hunting
  • Skiing and heliskiing
  • Yachting
  • Body & spirit
  • Wine and gastronomy


Currently running tours:

  • Aotearoa Foto expedition with Ondřej Prosický

Recognized Nature Photographer Ondřej Prosický will guide you through the unique sights of the beautiful New Zealand nature and help you take pictures with professional results. 

  • „More than just wine“- A new Zealand expedition

Wine-tasting tour around New Zealand is a great choice for everyone with a passion for nature and good wine.


If you have not chosen from the offered themes, do not hesitate to contact us. We will definitely find a suitable tour for you.

A tailor made trip

After consulting with you, we'll plan a detailed program that can either be fixed (with exact points) or flexible (the target points are only indicative). Each iteration contains:

  • A detailed schedule with a timetable
  • A backup plan for rain (where possible)
  • Driving difficulty (km, difficult sections, etc.)
  • Detailed maps
  • NZ map showing the entire route

Of course, we also arrange the booking of additional services - car, accommodation, ferry, domestic flights, corporate and thematic excursions, or activities like fjord and helicopter flights.

If you are interested in this type of trip please contact us using the form below on.

Self drive tours without a guide

We understand if you do not like the idea of traveling with an agency and prefer being independent. In this case, we can still help you with tickets, insurance, car rental etc. to ease your worries and allow you to have more time to enjoy yourself on the way. We offer practical packages "tickets, car and accommodation" or "tickets and car".

If you are interested in this type of trip please contact us using the form below.

Non-binding demand for a trip to New Zealand

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