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Queen's Birthday

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Queen's Birthday is, you guessed it, the day the locals celebrate the birthday of Queen Elisabet II, who is not only head of Great Britain but also the whole Commonwealth which includes New Zealand. It is a moving national holiday that is scheduled on a different day for each country. For New Zealand, it’s on the first Monday of June each year.

This day is an official holiday, which means the banks and schools are closed. The pleasant three-day weekend is dedicated to celebrating Queen's and many cultural and sporting events take place.

A fun fact is that in reality the queen was born on April 21 (1926).

Her birthday is celebrated during May and June, and each country celebrates differently, depending on local political and historical events.


When the other countries celebrate:

New Zealand

1st Monday in June

Great Britain

1st, 2nd or 3rd Saturday in June


24th of May


2nd Monday in June


One of the official activities of the holiday is the Queen's Birthday Honor's List, which features honorary military ceremonies and awards are appointed for significant contributions to the community or nation. This weekend is also associated with the official initiation of the winter season, so this is your chance to visit winter resorts and go skiing or snowboarding for the first time in the season.

If you prefer modern culture, then we recommend one of the following events:



Queen's Birthday, as well as every New Zealand National Day, gives you the opportunity to explore the culture of the country and experience it a little differently. Enjoy the extended weekend, the next one awaits you in October on the Labor Day or the day of work.

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