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When you arrive in New Zealand, you will quickly find that it is not the cheapest country, so we have prepared an overview of shopping networks with their advantages and disadvantages. You can shop with offered discounts which are usually cycled in most shops. So many Kiwis follow the rule I do not buy when I need, but when I see a good price.



The cheapest possible option to buy food is clearly Pack'n Save, which can be found in any major city, especially the northern island. The size of the store is huge, the prices are unbeatably low here and you get everything you need. You can also connect to free wifi in the store.


We would say that the second best option for buying food is the Countdown business network, behind New World, whose prices are sometimes a little higher, but it offers sales for club members, which can often be more advantageous than buying at Countdown. Both of these stores are usually located in the same cities. Both offer client cards that offer discounts on selected products at a certain time. Both cards are available free of charge at branch offices. In addition, CountDown works with BP, so you'll have a common customer card your discounts. For both shops, you also occasionally come across free wifi. But this is not the rule.


A large network of smaller grocery stores located in smaller towns. Their advantage is usually longer opening hours than in competing shops (in small towns). The disadvantage is a more limited selection and higher price.



There are two basic options for buying camping equipment.


Paradise for all backpackers. Here you can not only buy cheap camping goods from chairs, tents and sleeping bags to dishes but also inexpensive clothing, medicine, apartment accessories or sports equipment. All at unbeatably low prices, which reflects on quality. In addition, you can buy some long-lasting foods such as sweets, crisps, food cans, and drinks. The warehouse also often provides free wifi inside the store.


If you make something by yourself like a bed in the car or anything else, you should visit the hobby market. In this case, you will find everything you need at Bunnings in every big city.


A more expensive option, Kathmandu's network of shops offers higher quality rugged camping equipment that you can rely on. Better quality reflects the price of products.

Second-hand goods

If you're happy with unique finds, then buying used and cheap stuff could be a great deal and could be just right for you. For example, you can visit a shop near Wanaka on the southern island called Wastebasters, where you can find everything for a very low price. The selection is really huge, from paint colors to metal sheets and old sports equipment to clothing, curtains, or kitchen equipment. Everything is well organized and divided into sections for better orientation. 



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