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If you work on New Zealand your employer will have to pay your income tax deposit. For most businesses, the tax year runs from 1 April to 31 March but businesses can apply to the IRD for this to be changed. At the end of the year, the tax office will compare paid taxes to the required amount and will result in either over- or underpayment on taxes.

You can easily deduct the tax yourself with the table. Your salary is also taken out of health insurance. Find out it’s a current amount.

It is good to register your IRD tax number ​on the Inland revenue website where you can easily see all your wages and paid backups. Try to keep an eye on it time to time and have all your wages under the control ideally after each payout.

Most probably, the sum of the deposit will not be exactly the same as the income tax. Theoretically, your tax can be higher and the tax officer will ask for additional payment. But that’s not common and most likely you will be entitled to a tax refund.

There are several ways to ask for a refund. You can do it directly on your IRD online system or alternatively you can send a form to your nearest IRD office by post. After sending the request, you can see the status update in your online IRD account.

New Zealand is fairly expensive, so it would be a shame to miss out on the profits you are legally entitled to.​



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