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03.04.2018 Kateřina Reehová

True traveler is a Great Britain insurance agency which focuses mainly on young travelers. We strongly recommend this agency because it offers high coverage for a good price and has very good client service and 5-star customer satisfaction (92% satisfaction).


Why choose True Traveler?

  • High insurance limits (up to £ 10 million)
  • Possibility to negotiate a policy for up to 18 months
  • Possibility to negotiate/extend the insurance policy from abroad
  • The ability to handle everything during the trip
  • Direct reimbursement of hospital bills
  • 90 sports activities covered in the basic package
  • Almost 150 sports activities are insured with manual work

How to choose the right option

  • Non-manual work is insured in the basic package (office work, restaurant work, etc.)
  • Add the Adventure pack for manual work
  • Zero Excess - TT is basically involved in each insured event, and for a few pounds you can reduce it to zero
  • If you are already on the way, you must tick "Are you already traveling", the policy is valid immediately after negotiation, but if you have an insured event within 2 days of the negotiation, you will have to prove that it was not done before the insurance
  • If you suffer from any health problems, choose the Traveler or Traveler Plus option, these variants will allow you to individually calculate the cost depending on your health
  • If you do outdoor sport such as mountain climbing in heavy terrain, etc., consider the Traveler Plus option, which also covers the search and rescue costs (although this expenditure covers ACC)
  • From manual work is removed at a height of over 2m (this limitation does not apply to work on orchards, etc., so it is also suitable for working on trees)



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