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Working Holiday visa New Zealand

27.08.2018 Kateřina Reehová

Working Holiday is a special program for tourists that allows young people to work, travel and study in New Zealand for one year. The requirements that need to be met to get a visa are different for each country, and special conditions have to be met. Some countries accept an unlimited number of applicants while others may take in as little as a couple hundred per year. For more information about your country check the table in our Working Holiday Visa article.

Sometimes it may be quite hard to get a visa so it is better to spend some time preparing to increase your chance of success. If you have successfully got them – CONGRATULATIONS – you will soon visit this incredibly beautiful land.

To help you to make sure that you have prepared everything you need before you leave, we've prepared a list of important tasks for you with links to more detailed articles.

(Depends on your country)

Half a year before departure

3 mouths before departure

  • Flights (You can also plan some stopovers if you like)
  • Passport

2 mouths before departure

  • Visit your doctor to get a prescription for drugs you need on your way
  • Vaccination

1 mouth before departure

14 days before departure

  • Get in you bank confirmation about your bank account statement (to show you have enough money for the traveling in New Zealand)
  • Travel first aid kit

7 days before departure

1 day before flight

  • Check all your travel documents
  • Charge your electronic devices
  • Pack your handbag
  • Set up an alarm clock

On the way

After arrival

Before the visa expiration date

  • Extend your stay
  • Extend insurance
  • Sell car
  • Tax Compensation



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