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Wwoofing is a special kind of agreement means working in exchange for food and accommodation. It is a great way to start in New Zealand before you find your feet. You don’t waste money on accommodation and also don’t spend all day working so you time to sort out the paperwork needed for a real job or find a suitable car for your traveling.

It is also a good opportunity to meet people and learn something new. Wwoofing offers are mostly in the agriculture and farming sector but sometimes you can also find such jobs working at hotels or hostels.

The people here are very uncompromising about work permits. Finding work without a visa is very difficult, almost impossible. No one has a reason to employ you and risk getting a huge fine. Wwoofing I no exception to requiring a working permit. However people are more relaxed when it comes to wwoofing, so if you are looking for a way to save some money while traveling then this might be your chance.

You can try to find work on various facebook groups, read the bulletin boards in stores and info centers, browse the internet or ask people you meet, but the most reliable way how to find this kind of job is looking on websites which specialize exactly on wwoofing.

The most famous websites

Providers of wwoofing are mostly nice people but that doesn’t mean they forget to look at your references. With good wwoofing, you can look forward to flexible work usually per 4-5 hours a day. Your reward will be not only accommodation and good food, but also sharing a home with a Kiwi family and living the life of local people.

Another kind of woofing is housekeeping and pet sitting in exchange for free housing in the owner's flat during his vacation or business trip. If you are interested in this option, we recommend these websites:

You have to pay a fee for registration.

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